What If I Miss A Campaign?

If you just order at least every second campaign you should be fine AND make sure you pay your account in full promptly, particularly if you aren’t ordering every campaign.

SOME district managers close accounts if there has been no orders for TWO campaigns and others closed them if no orders in three campaigns — you’ll need to check with your DM to find out how she works this.

Another things SOME district managers do, is if there is no order for a campaign they ORDER brochures for you ON YOUR account (which is a no-no with Avon, but SOME still do it). This is another thing you need to discuss with your district manager.

Leadership book says:
Inactivity : If you do not submit an order for three consecutive campaigns you are considered inactive and will automatically be removed from Avon’s active file.

Under Reinstatement section in the leadership book it says:
If you close your account voluntarily or if you are removed for inactivity or past-due accounts, you may, with Avon’s approval, have your association with Avon reactivated under certain circumstances:

Reinstatement: (5 campaigns or less) : If you are removed for five or less campaigns, you can resume business with no fee paid, provided your account is paid in full. You may be relinked to prior sales and recruiting performance, and your account number and length of association remain the same.

Reinstatement: (6 to 13 campaigns) : If you are removed for mate than five but less than fourteen campaigns, you may resume business upon payment of a reinstatement fee, provided that your account is paid in full. Your account number is restored and length of association resumes. Recruiting and Leadership Bonuses, however, may not be restored.

Reappointment : You can begin your business again more than thirteen campaigns after removal provided that your account is paid in full and a new appointment fee is paid. You may receive a new account number, and your length of association and all over Avon linkages will start anew.
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