Ship Direct -or- Ship Regular? Preferred Preview -or- Instant Delivery? Fixed Earnings -or- Regular Earnings?

For now, don’t worry about memorizing these, but as you encounter some of Avon’s important vocabulary, you’ll want to return here to double-check your understanding of some of these commonly confused terms.

Demo Products:
Advanced products that you can order and use to promote your business. Demos are available to order in the What’s New at discounted prices. Pricing and quantity vary depending on your Representative status.

Preferred Previews:
This program allows you to preview NEW products before anyone else. In order to participate, you must complete a special form, agreeing to be notified of upcoming offers. If, once notified, you choose not to participate in the current offer, simply call the toll-free number provided. If you don’t call the number, the product will automatically be shipped and billed to you. These offers often come with free samples and selling tools, are offered approximately 1–4 times a year and are usually 40–50% off brochure introductory pricing. You are billed for this in the campaign in which it is shipped.

Advance Order Packs:
These Representative Offers are available at special pricing in the What’s New. These offers are available to you at net pricing (with no commission).

Ship and Bill:

At designated times throughout the year, you can sign up for product offers (as reflected in the What’s New or brochure) through your District Sales Manager.

Ship Direct:
When you participate in this opportunity, you receive selected products 1–3 campaigns prior to when the product is introduced in the brochure. These products are shipped directly to you in your order, and billing will occur in the campaign of introduction. This allows you more time to demo and sell the products to your Customers. Often there are incentive programs associated with the product launch.

Instant Delivery:

You receive products through your District Sales Manager prior to when the product is introduced in the brochure. As with “Ship Direct,” billing occurs in the campaign of introduction. It allows you more time to demo and sell the products to your Customers. Often there are incentive programs associated with the product launch.

Customer Count Customer:
Customer Counts are important to let Avon know how many customers are being served. Also it’s important that we give correct/accurate counts because that’s how Avon Stocks Products, particularly during the holidays. Also like already posted – when there’s a special “free item” with EVERY purchase — Avon sends us the “free items” per our customer count. When the customer counts are low and they suddenly jump this causes major shortages because Avon only stocked up on the customer count ratio. It’s also important to count yourself as a customer because if you don’t then suddenly count yourself — again shortages because there are thousands of Avon reps and if they don’t count their self and suddenly do, that adds THOUSANDS to the demand on the products already stocked. PS – We really aren’t paying ANYTHING for the customer counts personally as we charge that to our customers AND Avon even refunds HALF that back to off-set customer cost of brochures, bags, etc. Don’t think of it as something bad – it’s not costing us a thing.


Referring to the upline WON’T give her the referral reward of $20 — UNLESS the upline wants to give her the $20 (but that’s an Avon no-no, as us leadership reps are NOT supposed to “buy” or “pay for” recruits).

As for the three-way link, there’s a few requirements involved in that and IF it doesn’t happen, then the “recruit” will not go to the leadership rep NOR will the referring person receive her referral gift.

3 Way Link:

You and any of your First Generation non-leadership Representatives can both receive credit for recruiting new Representative when the following occur.

Your First Generation non-Leadership Representative knows someone who wishes to sell Avon and share the prospect’s information with you.

You personally appoint the prospect.

When the new Representative submits a paid order of at least $50 in her first or second campaign, the non-Leadership Representative receives the standard recruiting reward of her choice.

When the new Representative submits a total of $350 or more in Award Sales within her first 3 campaigns, the new Representative will be linked to your First Generation and you will receive a Leadership Bonus. (If the new Representative does not submit a total of $350 or more in Award Sales within her first 3 campaigns, you will not receive a Leadership Bonus and the new Representative will not be linked to your First Generation.)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Regarding my statement about buying or paying for referrals/recruits – the following is also from the Leadership manual:

Leadership Representative may not solicit leaders from those in their Downline via the use of any type of reward other than the 3-Way Link. Consistency in the manner in which Representatives are recognized for their recruiting efforts ensures fairness and consistency in the way the Avon Opportunity is promoted across the country.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Again the things I have typed above were from the leadership manual – please feel free to print them for future references.

Also for Leadership reps wanting to do 3-way links this is something you must know to avoid your upset when you are working toward goals.

Unit Leader & Award Sales & Leadership Sales
We only earn because of our recruits IF the recruit sells at least $100 or more in a campaign and then we only earn a small single digit percentage. Rather than just a definition, this should be more helpful.
You have 13 campaigns (so roughly 6 months) to get:
>> 5 Active Recruits **AND**
>> Total unit sales of $1200 per campaign

#1: $1200 PER CAMPAIGN
Total (retail) sales for you plus your team must total $1200 that campaing

You must have 5 active recruits

If the recruit sells for example $100 in Award Sals we will earn 3%, but **not** three percent of their $100, that’s 3% of their **Leadership sales**.

Leadership Sales is the Award Sales, minus the rep’s earnings, minus their returns, minus their supplies, etc. etc. So if that rep’s Award Sales is $50 but they ordered a bunch of supplies and demos, then their actual LEADERSHIP SALES might be down to $50.

You would then get 3% on that $50, so in this example that would calculate to $1.50 you’d earn on their $100 order.

NEXT 13 CAMPAIGNS  — MUST HAVE 5 ACTIVE RECRUITS AND THE $1200 minimum per campaign as a team.

Here’s how it works:
If you **DO** have the five active recruits by the 13th campaign but you and the downline haven’t achieved the minimums $1,200 for the team and $250 of that yours, you do GET AN ADDITIONAL 13 CAMPAIGNS TO REACH IT!! BUT you have to have at least the FIVE active at that point. If you get into that second 13 campaigns and don’t hit the minimums then you have to start all over again. Everyone in your downline rolls up to whoever is YOUR upline.

#6  TITLED: 1 IN 6
Once you have titled (5 active recruits, $1,200 Unit Sales and $250 of that your personal sales), you then have to maintain that at least once every six campaigns of you will lose everything. Actually it’s again one short of the six because of the pay the next campaign factor… so if you hit the numbers on the 6th, but the reps don’t have to pay until the next campaign – it’s over.