Miki Crowl

Third Time’s the Charm

After two false starts, Miki Crowl finally launched her Avon career and has been a rising star ever since.

Miki Crowl has always loved Avon. In the early 1970s, she decided to launch her Avon business but her husband discouraged her, telling her she’d never make any money selling Avon and Miki quit after just four months. “I gave up the business to keep my husband happy,” says Miki. But 10 years later, after getting divorced and remarrying, Miki decided to try her hand at Avon again. And once again her efforts were thwarted. Three months after having given birth to her daughter, Alicia, Miki found out she was pregnant again. “I thought, maybe I’m not meant to have an Avon business,” says Miki, who was also raising two young boys from her first marriage.

By 1984, the timing for launching her Avon career was perfect. “I still had the desire to have an Avon business and my husband Jack is very supportive,” says Miki. “And as you grow up, you realize that it’s up to you to do what you want to do. Plus, I wanted to be a good role model for my girls and for my sons, too.”

Within three years of launching her Avon business, Miki was averaging $1,000 in sales each campaign. She joined Leadership in 1994 and quickly rose through the ranks, reaching her current status of Senior Executive Unit Leader within a year. In 2003, Miki was an Avon Women of Enterprise honoree – this award recognizes Avon Representatives who have excelled in business against challenging circumstances. Today, the Ottumwa, Iowa, resident has over 1,000 members in her Downline, spread out across the country and is running a $4 million business.

Tips for Success
After so many years, how does Miki maintain such a high sales level and keep her business growing? She personally trains new Representatives and makes sure they have the tools they need to succeed. She sends out an electronic newsletter every two weeks and holds monthly sales meetings and insists that new members attend. “We share ideas at the meeting and afterwards I give my group recognition and ask about their goals,” says Miki. “I work with my Representatives’ strengths and I’m here for them whenever they need me.” Miki also devised an incentive game for her Downline she calls “survivor,” which is another way, says Miki, she keeps in close touch with members, especially those in other states. To play the game, a Representative has to sign up a new Recruit who places a minimum order of $150 each campaign. At the end of the quarter, whoever reached the goal is the “survivor” and gets to spend three days with Miki learning about Leadership.

Miki also stresses that there are always new approaches to increase business. For example, last year, after her business hit a slump, Miki quickly got it back up to speed after attending a Leadership seminar that was given by Avon’s U.S. Training Manager Evertrue Bell. “I heard Evertrue say that we should have 10 new Unit Leaders a year and, I thought; sometimes you get so busy helping everybody else move up the ranks, you forget about yourself. And since I’ve taken her advice, my business is starting to grow again for the right reasons,” says Miki. “It’s just the idea that you need to keep looking for new blood to keep your business growing and that was the best piece of advice.”

Miki is grateful for her Avon business. Her income not only enabled her to put her two daughters, Alicia, and Jacklyn, through college, but the experience has also allowed Miki to do what she loves most, help people. “I love working with people and I love helping them achieve their goals, says Miki. “I always tell my Leadership Representatives, ‘If you help your new Recruits get what they want, and you’ll get what you want.’”