Jackie Williams

Survive and Conquer

Jackie Williams overcame tremendous odds and now runs a thriving business.

Jackie Williams
Jackie Williams is convinced that her personal, upbeat approach to her Avon business is the reason she’s so successful. “I like selling, showing the products,” she says. “I consider my Customers my friends. It’s not a job to me, I love it.”

The 49-year-old first began selling Avon when she was just a teenager. And even after she married her husband, Mike, and began doing veterinary work, Jackie continued her Avon business part-time. But soon after moving to Sinton, Texas, in 1998, Jackie was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent a bilateral mastectomy. After she recovered, she decided to quit her job and put her energies into her Avon business full-time. “I set goals, and soon I became an Inner Circle member,” says Jackie, an Advance Unit Leader.

Being a breast-cancer survivor has added another dimension to Jackie’s commitment to her business. “After two or three campaigns I try to learn more about my Customers’ health history,” she says. “If I know a person has had a diagnosis of breast cancer, or if she has a friend or relative with breast cancer, I give her a little pink ribbon pin as a token gift. Avon lets me use the pins to help people and connect with them. I’m a three-time cancer survivor, so Customers open up to me. Everyone knows the work Avon has done for breast cancer awareness.”

Jackie’s skill at connecting with her Customers enabled her to earn more than $271,000 in personal sales in 2006. With her positive attitude she can’t miss. “I tell the people in my Downline that, ‘You always have negatives in life. If you can turn them around to be positives, it makes a world of difference in a sale. Just try to be cheerful and stay upbeat.’ ” As devoted to breast cancer causes as she is to her Avon business, Jackie’s also involved in many breast cancer fund-raising events, including Relay for Life walks. In 2001, she was honored for her efforts with the Avon Pink Ribbon Award at a ceremony in New York City.

Jackie’s business is doing so well, she’s had to enlist the aid of both her husband Mike and son, Mick, 24, so she can concentrate on recruiting and serving her Customers. Mick manages a second office Jackie opened in Beeville, Texas. And Mike helps with advertising strategies. “Having them working with me frees me up to make one-on-one connections,” explains Jackie. And keeping her business personal is just the way she likes it.