Elizabeth Demas

Work with Purpose

For years, Elizabeth Demas searched for a rewarding business career. She found it with Avon.

Elizabeth Demas is unique in the gallery of Avon entrepreneurs: The quick-witted 33-year-old M.B.A. from Gardner, Kansas, always looks beyond the here and now to target and prepare for what’s coming next. Elizabeth’s foresight has served her well. Four years ago, when her job as a computer network associate at a major telecommunications company was eliminated as a result of mergers and budget cuts, it turned out not to be such a bad thing. “I wasn’t satisfied there because, in my experience, female technicians were steered away from many of the responsibilities they were qualified to handle,” recalls Elizabeth.

By the time she was let go, Elizabeth was a year away from completing her graduate studies for an M.B.A., with an emphasis on information technology. Elizabeth’s decision to become an Avon Representative emerged from her search for a rewarding business opportunity that helped her earn over $280,000 in sales last year. In addition to completing her degree to prepare for her career, she also read books on business and researched companies online.

A new beginning
For years, Elizabeth tried her hand with direct-selling companies. Finally, in 2003, after plans to start a home inspection business fell through, Elizabeth logged on to Avon.com and learned all about Avon. Immediately, she knew this was the venture she had been looking for. After she was appointed, Elizabeth read the principles of Success by Design and found inspiration from the Rich & Famous videos – both Avon sales tools that help Representatives build successful Representatives. “I got into the Avon business because, after all the avenues I explored, I found Avon to be the most inviting,” notes the married mother of two sons, Isaac, 11, and Rahasya, 8. “I know I will succeed by planning my work and working my plan,” says Elizabeth.

Knowing that persistence is key to success, she created a “goal poster” for the wall of her home office, with photographs and notes on what she has already accomplished and what she hopes to accomplish next. “After formulating plans in my mind, I use my goal poster to map them out,” she says. Clear-cut strategies and follow-up techniques have helped Elizabeth earn cruises and seats at the President’s Recognition Celebration Events the past three years. She has her sites on next year’s event in Las Vegas.