Out of State Customers/Recruits

Out of state Customers:
They can go to Avon.com and order there. If they use your phone number you will get 20% sales for the items. if you are an erep you can choose 3rd party delivery and get 20% sales.

Out of state Recruits:
Unless you are in a district piloting the online recruitment program, you **MUST** do a face-to-face appointment. Period. Are you close enough to give her good support when/if she needs you? If not then you should refer her to the DM in her area.

If you are going to sign her up, call the leadership line, they will give you her district, her DM’s name/#, and her mail plan.

I have signed up a few family members in another state, I see them every weekend though. The only thing, I put them in my district and should not have done that.