New Rep Audio Lessons

“People are just SOO negative!”

That’s what I discovered anyway when I first started selling. I was already a big ole coward when it came to “bugging” strangers, as I called it then. And then to make it worse, I had some really bad feedback from one woman my first week or so when I offered her just a free catalog. You’d have thought I told her she was a hag or something as judged from her response when she looked at the catalog.

Hearing “No!” can quickly take it’s toll on our spirits when we’re trying to start our business. Especially when we’re new to sales, and are just trying to get our confidence going. The VAST majority of people you meet will be pleasant, and some almost GIDDY to receive your Avon catalog, or a free sample…. but I want you prepared so you don’t get blindsided by the nay-sayers.

Take a quick 10 minutes to listen to these audios today (along with your other training):


Beware of Friends & Family:




They Don’t Tell You (But I Do!):


Just 12:


Eternal No:


The “Experts”:




Angie’s Mantra:




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