RIGHT Foundation Shade For YOU!

Get the color right. The number one time-waster is having the wrong color to begin with. Want to make sure you have the right shade? Try these two tricks first to save valuable time.First, take your foundation of choice, and apply on a piece of white paper. Great to do at the makeup counter before you hand over your hard earned cash.

What are you looking for?
The actual color really. Against white, you can actually see the undertone of the foundation.

Do you see yellow? Pink? Orange? Red? Green? (Yes, green.)

If foundations tend to turn color on you, THIS is the color it will turn. Can’t get a foundation to blend in right? It’s because THIS color is interfering with your own skin color. By seeing it on white paper, you’ll be able to make a more educated choice. Best bet? Go for the soft yellow undertones. Not only will you match your skintone better, you’ll get the added bonus of calming down the pink/red tones in your skin as well.
Just make sure that the yellow tones are soft….you can also run in to the opposite problem of it being TOO yellow, and you’ll end up looking like a yellow squash. Just like too much pink, too much yellow can be a bad thing too.

Okay, you think you got a sure thing, now on to the second test.

Try it on.

On a clean jawline, apply a small dime sized dab along the side. I repeat, dime-sized.

See how fast it takes to blend the edges of the foundation into the skin. The edges, not the center.You want it to disappear in 1-3 strokes. The key is in how fast.  The FASTER it blends.. the BETTER the choice it is for YOU!

Any foundation will blend in if you sit there and work it long enough.