Oil Free vs Alcohol Free

“Oil-Free” and “Alcohol Free” can be a real misnomers. Yes, the
mineral oil can be an issue, but there are many oils which do not
clog pores and many types of alcohol which are actually
moisturizing…. so don’t get carried away with the old-fashioned

Additionally, our “Naturals” Line is probably the line with the
LEAST amount of natural ingredients! The Anew Alternative Line and
the becoming line have the MOST amount of natural ingredients, but
can not be touted as a “Natural” line, since they are a combination
of the best of nature and the best of science.

Most importantly – ALL Avon products are dermatologist tested and
approved, hypo-allergenic and non-comedogenic (all words you can
look up in your Phase 1 Beauty Binder!).

So it’s about finding the right product for the customer – and that
involves asking questions to determine her skin type and primary
skin care concerns. Want the best tip of the day? Have her self-
profile at PBS (Personal Beauty System) and she will put in all her
sensitivities and/or allergies and the system will chose the best
product for her based on her NEEDS.

Viola… instant answer!