Fix Your Bleeding Lipstick

Make sure he notices the fireworks of your good-night kiss, not your messy lipstick. Bleeding means that you’ve applied your lipstick improperly.

Here’s how to get it right.

1: Apply foundation to your lips and allow it to dry for a minute. The foundation fills in the tiny creases around your lips where the lipstick will likely seep.

2: Follow up with a light application of translucent face powder

3: Line your lips with a lip liner. This not only outlines the shape of your lips but creates a border to keep the color right on your lips, where it should be.

4: Fill in the outline with the lipstick color, either using a makeup brush or directly applying the lipstick.

5: Allow the color to set for a few moments and then lightly powder your lips to seal in the color.

6: Touch up your lips with lip liner and lipstick throughout the day. If the lipstick bleeds, remove it with a moistened cotton swab and reapply the foundation, powder, liner and lipstick.

Overall Tips & Warnings

Matte (nonglossy) lipsticks are less likely to run than glossy or shiny ones.

Avoid applying runny glosses over lipstick.

Apply lip balm before bed to moisturize your lips. Matte lipsticks, lip liner and foundation can dry out the lips.

Remedy Bleeding Lipstick:


1: Carry cotton swabs, foundation and pressed powder in your portable makeup bag.

2: Remove any lipstick from the skin by gently swiping the area with a swab.

3: Reset makeup by applying a very small amount of foundation to the skin surrounding the lips. Follow with pressed powder.

4: Reapply lip color.