Choosing The RIGHT Powder Color

A good powder sets your makeup, creating a smooth, shine-free and even complexion. For a natural and flawless finish, select colors that match your skin tone or foundation as closely as possible.Instructions 1: Make sure your foundation, if you wear any, disappears as you blend it into your skin. Powder can either complement the perfect foundation color or serve to neutralize any slight color imbalance.

2: Head to a department store counter and talk to a veteran beauty consultant. Bring your foundation along, or go with freshly applied foundation so you can test powder colors over your everyday makeup
3: Start with colors that match your skin tone. You may be inundated with pink, yellow, green and purple shades all designed to make your skin look its best. Stick to what you feel comfortable with and what you can see makes your skin look good.

4: Check the colors you test in good lighting, or step outside to consider your options in natural light. You’re looking for a color that blends with your skin, rather than sitting on top of it.

5: Remember that translucent powder still has color in it. Some may advise that this is the most natural option, but it may render you pale or pasty.

Tips & Warnings Loose powder sets your makeup in the morning; pressed powder is for daily touchups. Pressed powder may seem darker because it’s packed more densely. Test all colors before buying.

Bring a trusted companion along for an honest second opinion.