Welcome to AVON!


Once you have
made up your mind to do something
you don’t make excuses…
… you make a W-A-Y.


First, start by reviewing the following video from the wonderfully inspirational It speaks to the core belief of our team.
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Have you been dreaming of working from home? How about being your own boss, setting your own hours, even setting your own salary? How about looking, feeling and living better all while earning and developing your mind & spirit? Sound like a miracle?

Well, congratulations Team Member, because you now own your O-W-N business! You can now make your own miracles with an Avon Career!

Whatever background or walk of life, Avon has created a business opportunity where you can earn the financial rewards you desire. Your own business… but with all the support you need! Are you looking to make an extra $100 a month? $500, or $1,000 a month? Maybe you want to replace your current salary? Maybe you really want the challenge of doing something different from your current daily life. You decide.

First, it’s important that you take a moment to think about why you’re here, reading this, when you could be doing… well, doing a million other things. Your “Why” has to be CRYSTAL clear in your mind, a visual, a PICTURE that you see so clearly that you can actually FEEL it. That’s where we’ll be focusing your initial efforts, helping you capture your “why”.


“6 Figures, in 5 years” – as a team, our goal is to make that mark so that our team can receive the Avon benefits that come along with that level of achievement. The trips, the checks, the pride that one can only feel after working — in tandem with other like-minded people — toward a difficult goal.

Who are we? We are a team of women, (and a few good men!), who REFUSE to settle for a mediocre life. Together, we keep one another FOCUSED on our individual goals, MOTIVATED to reach our team goals, and MINDFUL that we are, afterall, on a journey.

  • We treasure our time & freedom, and are “Stubbornly Consistent” when it comes to building our finances.
  • We have discovered that Avon provides a genuine, do-able, uncomplicated method for reaching our goals – whether that goal is a few extra hundred a month… or to create an entirely new lifestyle.
  • We believe that “What you think about, you bring about” – thus we guard daily what we allow to enter our minds.
  • Avon, theeeeeee #1 Direct Sales company in the world, (yes, in the WORLD), and your team members will all support you through every step of your journey to success with the finest in programs and tools in Direct Selling, as well as outstanding rewards for your efforts. Fun, Friends, & Finances (oh my!).

    Your responsibility? See It… Plan It… DO It… Give Thanks for It” – that’s our team’s mantra.

    Decide what you really want, , set some exciting goals, and develop your strategy. Then as you work your plan and engage in our team’s personal development paths, know that—as has been the case for countless other Avon success stories—your success can become a fact.

    Most Common Question: “Is it easy to make money?”

    Uncomplicated, yes. “Easy” – no. Like anything worthwhile in life, building any real business will require a plan, and your persistence. In fact, run screaming from anyone who says, “This is easy!” — If it were, more would do it. But as I suspect you already know, building your own business is a wonderful journey toward the ultimate goal: a fulfilling, inspired life!

    So whether you’ve jumped right in to Leadership, or are wading in slowly, making purchases only for yourself, or planning to open an L.A.B.C., there is plenty of fun to have, and always something new and interesting to learn. I’m honored to be part of your Avon journey…

    So let’s begin…